The Myths About Funeral Preplanning Are Everywhere. How Much Do You Know?

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Funeral planning involves many considerations, so it’s important to have the right information.

While most of us plan for important life events like weddings and retirement, few of us plan our funerals. There’s often a reluctance to consider our own mortality but it may also be due to the massive amount of inaccurate information that exists about what preplanning involves.

In this article, we’ll explore some common myths about advanced funeral planning along with the truth behind them.


Myth #1: Funeral pre-planning is basically just choosing between burial and cremation.

The choice between burial and cremation is certainly important, but it only represents one element of final arrangement selections. You should also consider how you wish to be remembered and how you can create a funeral or memorial service that will reflect those preferences. For example, are there special readings you would like to include? What religious or ethnic customs should be incorporated if any? What music should be played? Would you like the tone to be somber or uplifting? Answering questions like these help to ensure that your final wishes are fulfilled.


Myth #2: Preplanning also involves pre-payment.

Preplanning does not necessarily require payment in advance. Evan W. Smith Funeral Services offers the option of pre-funding but it is not mandatory. The biggest benefit of planning in advance is not necessarily financial, it’s emotional. Funeral plans are kept on file, at no cost, so that when the time comes to say goodbye, your loved ones will have peace of mind knowing that your wishes have been fulfilled.


Myth #3: Advance funeral planning should be done alone and in private.

One of the most under-appreciated benefits of planning a funeral in advance is that you can talk it over with your family. If you decide to include them in the decision-making process, you can gather their input and create a meaningful ceremony together. This allows you to assemble a carefully conceived funeral service that includes the elements your surviving family members will need to cope with their grief. And of course, our helpful, compassionate funeral directors are there to offer as much support and assistance as needed throughout the preplanning process.


Myth #4: It seems silly to think about something that’s so far off in the future.

In truth, the future isn’t promised to anyone, regardless of age or health status. Planning ahead is always a good idea. In addition, the conversation about final arrangements is far more difficult when death is imminent. Bringing up the subject with your loved ones earlier in life makes the topic easier to discuss and keeps the focus on the celebration of life rather than impending loss. 


Simply put, funeral preplanning affords peace of mind. It alleviates the burden on your family and is a gesture of great love.


The compassionate staff at Evan W. Smith Funeral Services is here to help you make the most informed funeral arrangement decisions. If you have questions about funeral pre-planning, would like more information, or if you have an immediate need, please contact us anytime.


About Evan W. Smith Funeral Services: Since 2009, residents of Wilmington, Dover, and the surrounding Delaware community have relied on the caring staff at Evan W. Smith Funeral Services to help them through their darkest hours. Family-owned and operated, the company offers an array of elite funeral care services, including traditional funerals, cremations, memorials, pre-planning, and more. With decades of experience in caring for families from all cultural backgrounds and diverse walks of life, Evan W. Smith Funeral Services is committed to creating memorable, uplifting experiences that always exceed expectations. For more information, please visit

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