Fox29 News: Wilmington Funeral Home Provides Drive-thru Funeral Services

Fox29 News coverage of Evan W. Smith Funeral Services drive-thru funeral services.

A Wilmington funeral home is now doing drive-thru services. The building used to be a bank, so they just converted the drive-thru window to now accommodate services to offer families a way to mourn “together” while social distancing.

“This was a PNC bank building when we purchased the bank there was a teller line right here,” said Evan Smith of Evan W. Smith Funeral Services.

The former bank drive-thru has now become a funeral drive- thru in Wilmington.

“With COVID and the restrictions, we wanted to be able to offer families a public gathering- to have more than 10 people but do it in a safe way,” said Smith.

Evan Smith recently redesigned his family-owned funeral home, and families can now pay their respects through a window from a safe distance.

Click here to watch the full Fox29 news clip:

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