Yes, You Can Host a Meaningful Repast Without Breaking the Bank

potluck feast

The repast is an important part of the funeral process.

By bringing everyone together in a less formal atmosphere, it provides a wonderful opportunity for guests to recall fond memories, express their sympathies to the family of the departed, and support one another during their time of grief. The primary purpose of a repast is to gather together after the funeral or memorial service, so there’s no need to worry about a fancy venue or an elaborate menu. Above all, give thought to what the person whose life you are celebrating would have wanted. Here are some helpful tips to keep your funeral reception budget low while still creating a beautiful, memorable event that honors your loved one.


Choose a practical venue.

The location of the funeral repast should be based on the number of guests expected and its convenience. If you’re adhering to a budget, consider hosting the event at a family member’s home, the fellowship center at the church or funeral home, a banquet hall, or an inexpensive local eatery. Should you decide to have the reception at a restaurant, offer a limited menu or a buffet-style meal so that you have more control over the costs. Hosting the repast gathering at a nearby park is an excellent option, especially if there are young children in attendance.


Have a potluck feast.

By hosting a potluck repast, it can enhance the individuality of the event and save you significant amounts of money, too. Your family and friends will probably be more than happy to contribute their favorite dish. Depending upon the time of day, you could also scale back the reception and have an appetizer or dessert potluck with simple snacks prepared by close friends and family members.


Create your own centerpieces.

Attractive table decorations can add grace to any reception venue and they don’t have to cost a fortune. For example, you could purchase small vases of flowers or bring potted plants from home. There are also plenty of clever ideas and online tutorials for creating beautiful, inexpensive repast table centerpieces. It’s easy to make simple centerpieces out of fishbowls with floating tea lights inside, for instance. Whether you prefer the warm glow of candles or the rustic look of mason jars filled with fruit, there’s a table decoration idea that’s perfect for your reception.


Offer a sweet remembrance gift.

What candy makes you think of your departed loved one? Was your father a Snickers fan? Did your sister always choose Twizzlers? Buy some snack-size packages and small bags to create a fun, unique funeral remembrance item for guests. You can personalize this sweet token by attaching a favorite quote, Bible verse, or picture of the departed to the package. 


Add some special touches.

There are many ways you can add meaning to the reception and most of them don’t cost a dime. To make the event feel unique to your loved one, you might play their favorite music, create a wall of photos and memories, ask people to share their favorite stories about your loved one, theme the event around a passion or hobby, or display some of their cherished items. The possibilities are limitless so get creative!


Even if your budget is tight, you can host a post-funeral reception that will lovingly honor the one who passed on. For additional help planning a repast for your loved one, please reach out to our compassionate funeral directors today.


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