Ten Heartfelt Ways to Remember a Loved One on the Anniversary of their Passing

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The journey through grief is full of painful milestones.

The first birthday after your loved one passed on. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. Occasions like these are solemn reminders of the depth of loss. The most special people in our lives are impossible to forget, so on the anniversary of their passing, why not take time to commemorate their lives and remember them fondly? Everyone processes grief differently, so here are ten ideas to help you find one that’s right for your family.

Take a trip to your loved one’s prized recreational spot.

Did the departed enjoy spending time at the beach or frequent a favorite park? Gather your family and plan a visit in his or her honor. You could even bring a picnic lunch so you can relax together and celebrate his or her life.

Visit a favorite restaurant.

A heavenly anniversary is a perfect day to return to your loved one’s favorite restaurant or a dining establishment you frequented together. Invite your family members and friends to gather around the table and share stories and fond memories.

Look through your loved one’s cherished keepsakes.

Many people store mementos that were especially meaningful to the one who passed away.  Childhood treasures, a favorite hat, letters, and cards received—cherished items like these tell the story of a life well-lived. Pull out these time-honored treasures and take a walk down memory lane.

Visit their final resting place.

This is one of the most traditional ways to commemorate the day of a loved one’s passing. Whether it’s a grave at a cemetery, a mausoleum, the place where you scattered their ashes, or some other meaningful location, spend some quiet time with the departed. Bring flowers and a travel chair so you can sit awhile.

Create a memorial challenge on social media.

A week or so before the anniversary of your loved one’s passing, choose a social media platform and start a challenge in their honor. Start by posting one picture with a quote or special message. Tag your friends and family members and encourage them to join the challenge by posting one memorial message each day until the heavenly anniversary date arrives.

Journal your memories.

Do you worry that the best memories of your loved one may be forgotten over time? Each year, carve out some time on the date of their passing to write down a few special recollections. They don’t need to be perfect or polished. Putting your thoughts on paper will help you recall them later and records these memoirs for future generations.

Give back.

Was your loved one a philanthropist? Did he or she benefit from a certain organization while he or she was alive? Use your beloved’s heavenly anniversary as a way to serve your community. Choose a cause with special meaning to the departed and volunteer in his or her honor.

Listen to some special tunes.

Music is very nostalgic and certain songs can even transport us back to special moments in time. On the anniversary of your loved one’s death, listen to his or her favorite playlist. If you’re feeling lonely, invite some friends to join you for a singalong.

Host a “heavenly anniversary” dinner.

Invite your family and some treasured friends to your home for a special meal. Make your beloved’s favorite dishes and have a toast in his or her honor. After dinner, gather together to share favorite stories. This is a good way to turn what could be an otherwise somber day into a true celebration of life.

By acknowledging painful days in a healthy way, it makes them more bearable.

There is no right or wrong way to observe the anniversary of your loved one’s passing. You might opt for a simple remembrance gesture or prefer to organize an elaborate commemoration. Whatever you choose to do, take time for reflection, and gently care for your tender emotions.

It takes effort to acknowledge the hard days as much as the joyful celebrations. If you would like more remembrance ideas or need to make funeral arrangements, please contact our caring professionals. It’s always our pleasure to assist you.

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