Seven Memorial Gift Ideas to Honor a Life Well-Lived

During times of loss, expressions of support are a great source of comfort.

It can be hard to find the right words to express those condolences though, even if the bereaved is a close friend or family member. Flowers are the standard sympathy option and their lovely blooms can offer much-needed encouragement at a difficult time. Another thoughtful way to show your sympathy is with a touching remembrance gift that honors the departed. From lighthearted keepsakes to sentimental reminders, there’s no shortage of meaningful choices. In this article, we’ve assembled a listing of unique sympathy gift ideas to help you show your grieving friend how much you care.


Memorial wind chimes

Turn a gentle breeze into a soothing sound with personalized wind chimes that bear the name of the departed and a special message. Perfect for any outdoor space, such as the porch, balcony, deck, patio, terrace, or gazebo, personalized memorial wind chimes are a poignant way to remember a lost loved one or a cherished pet.


Compassion packages

This practical sympathy gift is something that you can easily assemble. Fill a large gift box or bag with small thoughtful items that will come in handy when everything seems overwhelming. In addition to a sympathy card, you might include useful household items like disposable plates, cutlery, and tissues, along with self-care articles such as an assortment of teas, scented bath oils.


Memorial garden stones

A serene garden is a perfect spot to place a memory keepsake, and it’s particularly appropriate if the departed had a green thumb. An endless variety of lovely personalized garden stones is available so you can easily find a motif that’s suited to your deceased loved one. Choose from flowers, butterflies, intricate designs, and many others, along with a classic memorial inscription.


Sympathy ornaments

Imagine the impact your gift will have when your bereaved friend opens your surprise package and finds a gorgeous personalized ornament inside. It’s a heartwarming present that he or she will always cherish. Sympathy ornaments come in virtually any design or theme you can imagine. Whether you prefer hearts, angels, teardrops, or nature scenes, there’s a sympathy ornament that articulates your love and condolences.


Keepsake jewelry

Whether you prefer a personalized photo jewelry item or a reassuring symbol such as a heart or cross, these meaningful representations are sure to bring comfort to those who are suffering a loss. Remembrance jewelry comes in all price ranges and styles, from ornate rings to modest bracelets. Often, a simple necklace that can be worn close to the heart is the perfect expression of sympathy.


Personalized memorial plaques

Did the departed have a favorite saying or a much-loved verse from the Bible? Turn it into a prized decorative item that your grieving friend will treasure for years to come. These plaques come in a range of sizes and decorative styles, and many also include customization of names, dates, and photographs. 


Donate to a cause that was near and dear to the departed

Not every memorial gift needs to be tangible to be meaningful. Consider donating to a charity that was a personal passion for the one who passed on. It’s a loving gesture that will surely be appreciated by your grieving friend or family member.


Memory keepsakes represent a meaningful way to remember a departed loved one.

Whether you want to choose a gift that helps your friend through the grieving process or one that honors the memory of the deceased, condolence gifts are largely symbolic of your unwavering love and support. The sentiment is what matters most when giving a sympathy gift.


We hope you find these suggestions helpful. If you would like additional resources or need to make funeral arrangements, our caring staff is always available to assist you. Please reach out to us anytime.


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