Seven Heartfelt Ways to Express Your Condolences in Spanish

Spanish phrases of condolence

As the world grows smaller and more connected, there will likely be a time when you want to express your condolences in Spanish.  

The Latino culture emphasizes family, community, and togetherness. As a result, the language provides many ways to express sympathy based on the situation and relationship with the bereaved. If you are not fluent in Spanish, take steps to minimize the risk of bad translation that can create an uncomfortable situation or awkward moment.

Please read on to learn seven common ways to share your condolences in Spanish when a friend has lost a loved one.


1. Lo siento or lo siento mucho

The most common way to express condolences in Spanish, it’s the English equivalent of “I’m sorry.” For more emphasis, you could say “lo siento mucho,” which translates to “I’m very sorry.”


2. Lo lamento tu pérdida

The English equivalent of “I’m sorry for your loss,” this phrase comes from the verb “to regret” (lamentar) and is similar to lo siento but it carries greater emotion. This sympathy message is used when what you want to send is deeper and more expressive.


3. Mis sentidas condolencias

This saying means “my heartfelt condolences” and is often used at funerals, typically when speaking to the family of the departed.


4. Acabo de enterarme de esta triste noticia

When you first learn of the loss, it is common to begin an expression of condolences with this phrase, which means, “I just heard the sad news.”


5. Rezaré por ti y tu familiar 

Comments of faith and prayer are customary in Latino culture. This phrase translates to “I’ll pray for you and your family.” 


6. Te acompaño en tu sentimiento

Similar to saying, “I share your grief” or “I feel your pain,” this phrase expresses solidarity with the bereaved person and lets them know you’re there for them.


7. Puedes contar conmigo para lo que necesites

Show your support for the departed's family with this phrase, “You can count on me for whatever you need.”


Many people find it uncomfortable to speak to the bereaved. However, suffering the loss of a loved one is when words of comfort and support are needed the most. If you’re not prepared, you may struggle to say the right thing when facing that situation. This is especially true when expressing condolences in Spanish or another foreign language. Practice these phrases so you can quickly offer an encouraging word.


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