Funeral Services in Spanish Are Just One Way We Bring Comfort to Latino Families

Spanish Speaking Services

Final farewells vary widely throughout the world’s cultures and religions.


Among the Latino population, for instance, they are usually lively ceremonies brimming with colorful, time-honored customs. With traditions dating back through centuries of cultural influence from more than 20 countries, the family bond is strong and brings special meaning to the final goodbye. Family and friends gather in large numbers and meaningful representations of heritage are infused throughout the funeral process. If you are seeking to plan a funeral, memorial service, or celebration of life that honors your cultural traditions, the professionals at Evan W. Smith Funeral Services are here to help. We specialize in paying tribute to family customs while adding personalization elements to create the perfect celebratory event for your departed loved one.


Together, let’s create a loving ceremony that pays homage to your unique customs.

Evan W. Smith Funeral Services embrace all ethnicities, races, and religious beliefs. We understand that cultural specifics and traditions permeate the fabric of our society and we believe the funeral should honor these special practices. Our compassionate staff members are here to coordinate every detail and create a comforting funeral event that brings the closure needed for healing, such as:

  • Our Spanish-speaking staff will ensure your family’s comfort and understanding, seeing to it that all of your needs are met and your questions are answered.
  • We realize that the visitation is a time to remember the departed while spending time with family and friends. As such, your custom event might include a family feast or a visitation that goes well into the night. We are pleased to offer kitchen access and the option for an extended wake.
  • Religious elements are likely central to your loved one’s funeral service and may include a full Mass dedicated to the departed.
  • Your cemetery traditions and preferences will always be respected. Following the funeral ceremony, you may wish to have your family and friends in attendance for the interment. Music may be played at the gravesite. Afterward, family members may wish to gather for a meal, prayer, and to share fond memories of the departed.
  • We are able to assist with the transportation of your loved one anywhere in the world.


Latino funeral traditions are rich with cultural details, the love of family, and the reverence of strong faith. Whether you need help selecting appropriate flowers, arranging an extended visitation, or creating a remarkable celebration, our experienced providers can help. From funeral preplanning to personalized memorialization options, our matchless level of service has long made us the trusted choice for families like yours.


Evan W. Smith Funeral Services specializes in Latino funeral and burial traditions. Our bilingual professionals are here to guide you in planning a memorable funeral that embraces your proud heritage.  For more information, please reach out to our compassionate funeral directors anytime.


About Evan W. Smith Funeral Services: Since 2009, residents of Wilmington, Dover, and the surrounding Delaware community have relied on the caring staff at Evan W. Smith Funeral Services to help them through their darkest hours. Family-owned and operated, the company offers an array of elite funeral care services, including traditional funerals, cremations, memorials, pre-planning, and more. With decades of experience in caring for families from all cultural backgrounds and diverse walks of life, Evan W. Smith Funeral Services is committed to creating memorable, uplifting experiences that always exceed expectations. For more information, please visit

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