Eight Ways to Focus & Improve Your Mental Health This Year

focus on mental health in 2024

It’s a new year! We made it to 2024, so let’s do things differently. 

January is Mental Wellness Month so let’s focus on a better way to start the new year, especially after the non-stop stressors of the holiday season. Instead of focusing only on personal and professional goals this year, focus on values and a healthy lifestyle. 


Here are eight ways to kick off the new year and your mental wellness:


  1. Journal.
    Start the year by identifying your achievements and tracking gratitude with a journal. Incorporating gratitude can also enhance your mood for the day. Journal writing allows for more intentionality. Journal writing helps with accountability, decreases stress levels, and can improve communication skills.

  2. Schedule Time Away.
    Having something to look forward to helps boost happiness!  Get off the grid and leave your phone behind.  The benefits of taking time off and unplugging are plenty.  In 2024 don’t make excuses for why you can’t choose you first. 

  3. Focus On Your Strengths.
    Focusing on your strengths builds confidence and resilience to tackle tougher tasks. Research shows that people are happier, less stressed, and more energy when they focus on their strengths.  

  4. Experiment.
    As a child, what are some things you may have wanted to try but never did? Start there, allowing the possibilities to be limitless.  Experiment with a new recipe, write a book, or create a new art project.  Experimenting allows us to get to know ourselves better and focus on internal validation. 

  5. Laugh.
    Laughter can relieve your stress response and soothe tension in the body, stimulating circulation and aiding in muscle relaxation.  Laughing also improves our immune system, can relieve pain, and improve our overall mood. This year, hang out with your funny friends, what a comedy or funny online videos. 

  6. Be A Tourist In Your Town.
    I hear clients tell me often that they can’t afford a vacation.  Get creative and become a tourist in your town.  Exploring attractions in your community can be fulfilling and you may be surprised of what cool things you may find and experience. 

  7. Practice forgiveness.
    Forgiveness improves health. People who forgive have better mental health and report being more content with their lives.

  8. Get Outside 15 - 30 minutes a day.
    Research shows that being in nature can increase energy and reduce depression symptoms.  Take a 30-minute walk when you can. If 30 minutes take out too much of your day, try 15 minutes in the sunshine. Sunlight synthesizes Vitamin D, which is a mood elevator.


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