Eight Heartwarming Ways to Remember Departed Loved Ones at the Holidays

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At any time of year, remembrance is a wonderful gift. The most special people in our lives are impossible to forget, so when the holidays arrive why not commemorate their lives and remember them fondly?

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to honor a departed loved one so choose something that feels right for your family. Here are some ideas to help you get started.


Take a trip to their prized recreational spot.

Did the departed enjoy spending time at the beach or frequent a favorite park? Plan a visit in their honor with your friends and family. If the weather permits, you could even bring a picnic lunch so you can relax together and celebrate their life. 


Visit a favorite restaurant.

The yuletide season is the perfect time to gather with family at your loved one’s favorite dining establishment or one you frequented together. Over a delicious holiday meal, share fond memories and make some happy new ones.


Browse through cherished keepsakes.

Many people store mementos that were especially meaningful to the one who passed away.  Childhood treasures, a favorite hat, letters, and cards received—beloved items like these tell the story of a life well-lived. Pull out these time-honored treasures and take a walk down memory lane.


Visit their final resting place.

If you’re seeking a more traditional way to honor your loved one, make a trip to their place of rest. Whether it’s a grave at a cemetery, a mausoleum, the location where you scattered their ashes, or some other meaningful spot, spend some quiet time with the one who passed on. Bring flowers and a lightweight travel chair so you can visit for a while.


Create a holiday playlist.

Whether you're trimming the tree or preparing for a party, a customized holiday playlist can help everyone get in the spirit. Ask family members to add their favorites to create a montage of classics and popular newer tunes. Be sure to include several of your loved one’s favorite seasonal hymns and melodies.  


Journal your memories.

Do you worry that the best recollections of your beloved may be forgotten over time? Make it a point to write down a few special remembrances. They don’t need to be perfect or polished and they don’t even have to be related to the holidays. Putting your thoughts on paper will help you recall them later and create a memoir for future generations.


Hang a special stocking in their honor.  

Ask family and friends to jot down short stories, quotes, or fond memories of your loved one and place them in the stocking. Read them aloud on Christmas morning or at your holiday meal.


Give back.

Was your loved one a philanthropist? Did they benefit from a certain organization while they were living? This holiday season, find a way to serve your community. Choose a cause that was meaningful to the departed and volunteer in their honor.


Feel free to think beyond this list and come up with unique ways to honor your departed loved one. The sky is the limit, so take some time to construct a personalized and enduring legacy of love this holiday season.


If you would like more holiday remembrance ideas or need to make funeral arrangements, please contact our caring professionals. We are always available to assist you.


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