Create a Memorable Tribute to Your Loved One with These Personalized Funeral Repast Decorations

repast decorations to pay tribute

When you’re planning a funeral, a trip to the party store is probably the last thing on your mind.

However, one of the best ways to create an extraordinary memorial service, a celebration of life event, or a funeral reception is by incorporating personalized elements that reflect the life of the departed. If you want to spruce up that boring banquet hall or create a loving, customized atmosphere for the repast, there are plenty of appropriate funeral reception decorations to consider. In this article, we have assembled seven favorite decorating ideas that are sure to enhance the farewell services for your loved one.


Tell their life story through pictures.

Add a personal touch by including favorite photos of the departed with their family and friends. To encourage conversation and mingling among guests, place candid shots throughout the space. You could also print oversized versions of beloved images and hang them in prominent locations. Ask attendees to sign these showpieces or share loving messages, creating a cherished visual keepsake that you will be able to keep close to your heart forever.


Go green.

Nothing says reverence and respect like funeral flowers do. Although more costly than many other types of decoration, large bouquets of colorful flowers, vases of fresh-cut blooms, and other floral displays set a beautiful, elegant tone for bereavement. For lower-cost alternatives, consider garlands of evergreen, potted greenery, flowers from your garden, or sprays of seasonable wildflowers.


Create a theme with memorabilia.

If the departed was a sports fan, consider decorating with items that represent their favorite team. Did your aunt love the beach? Bring a nautical vibe to the funeral reception with seashell decorations and table linens in shades of aqua. Was there a particular time of the year you’re your loved one enjoyed? Add seasonal flourishes wherever you can. Keep in mind that your chosen theme can range from tiny touches in the background to an all-out immersive display.


Say thank you with favors.

Funeral favors are a touching way to give guests a tangible reminder of the memorial event. And they’re a nice gesture of appreciation for those who took the time to attend the service. Whether you give out seed packets, candles, or delicious treats, place them on a pretty platter and include the display as part of the reception decor. 


Create a slideshow.

You can also get digital with your decorations. Displaying a slideshow at the reception is a great way to share fond memories and highlights of your loved one’s life. Most reception venues have slideshow equipment available, making for an inexpensive choice that’s sure to be a hit. 


Showcase their handiwork.

Was the departed a gifted photographer or craftsman? Was knitting, crochet, or needlepoint a passion? By displaying handicrafts that were created by your departed loved one, adds a deeply personal element to the funeral event and showcases their talents, too.


Consider the beauty of simplicity.

If the funeral reception will be held in a banquet area or church hall, don’t overlook the power that understated elegance holds. For example, you could opt for white or black linen tablecloths and napkins and use single roses for the centerpieces. If you’re the crafty type, fashion centerpieces from fishbowls and place tealights inside to cast a stunning glow. The funeral reception does not have to be costly or lavish to be impressive.


As you move along your grief journey, many repast decorations can be transformed into cherished mementos. Photo collages can be placed in a treasured spot at home, while floral arrangements can be dried and made into sachets, for example. With the right information and some planning, you can decorate your loved one’s funeral reception beautifully and affordably.


The caring professionals at Evan W. Smith Funeral Services are here to assist you with every aspect of funeral planning. Please contact us anytime to discuss the many ways we can help you create a memorable tribute for your loved one.


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