Budget-Friendly Funeral Personalization Ideas: Six Clever Ways to Remember Your Loved One

budget friendly funeral

The last thing any grieving family needs is the added burden of crushing funeral debt.

You may be concerned that you’ll have to spend a fortune to honor your deceased loved one properly, but that is a common misconception. There are many ways to create a lovely, meaningful final farewell without breaking the bank.

Read on for some inspiring suggestions to get you started.


Let your budget be your guide.

Decide on an affordable amount for you and your family—one you’re willing and able to spend without undue hardship. Shopping for a funeral should be like making any major purchase: determine what you can afford before you begin shopping. Don’t make the mistake of arranging a lavish funeral for your loved one and then scrambling to find the money to pay for it.


Consider cremation.

The cost of funerals has risen sharply over the past two decades. By comparison, cremation is generally the more affordable disposition method but it isn’t right for everyone. Religious requirements and cultural norms must also be considered. Ultimately, you and your loved ones should decide what you feel most comfortable with. Cremation was surging in popularity long before the COVID-19 pandemic cast it further into the spotlight. Its lower cost and added flexibility are attractive to many grieving families. Recognizing that some people who choose cremation still want the opportunity to incorporate elements of a more traditional funeral service, visionary funeral providers are now offering enhanced experiences such as advance visitations and viewings. If you are unsure whether cremation is right for your loved one, address any questions or concerns with your funeral director.


Write an attention-grabbing obituary.

Creative obituaries go beyond a dry laundry list of dates, names, and locations. They aim to tell the story of the departed—what they valued, who they loved, and what made them so special. Inserting a short anecdote, such as how your mother baked bread every Sunday for the local food bank, can add a unique touch that will make the obituary stand out. If you are unsure of what to write, ask your friends and family members to share their favorite stories.


Get creative when choosing the venue.

Hosting the gathering at a public park, your church’s fellowship hall, or at a community center can cut your costs significantly. These locations also work well for memorial services, which can be held days, weeks, or even months after your loved one has passed away. What place was most meaningful to the departed? Holding the event in a familiar location where memories can be shared and re-lived can provide great comfort to the grieving.


Select a theme.

Think about the person who passed on and what they enjoyed most in life. If the departed was an avid fan of a certain sports team, for example, request that attendees don the team colors and decorate the space in the same palette. If your loved one was well-known for their amazing baked goods, you might ask everyone to bring a dessert or share a favorite recipe.


Add personal touches to the space.

Elaborate flower arrangements can quickly run up the cost of the funeral. Instead, infuse personality into the room by asking guests to bring scented candles, favorite bible verses or quotes inscribed on slips of paper, or other sentimental items to place around the casket. Beloved photos, keepsakes, and mementos of the departed can also add meaning and personality to the space.


The amount of money you spend does not indicate how you felt about your loved one. Your time and creativity are just as meaningful. With a little imagination, you can arrange a memorial event that will be fondly remembered by everyone in attendance.


At Evan W. Smith Funeral Services, we are here to assist you in creating a distinguished service that honors the life of the departed. If you need additional budget-friendly funeral ideas or require assistance with arrangements, please contact our caring professionals anytime.

About Evan W. Smith Funeral Services: Since 2009, residents of Wilmington, Dover, and the surrounding Delaware community have relied on the caring staff at Evan W. Smith Funeral Services to help them through their darkest hours. Family-owned and operated, the company offers an array of elite funeral care services, including traditional funerals, cremations, memorials, pre-planning, grief counseling, and more. With decades of experience in caring for families from all cultural backgrounds and diverse walks of life, Evan W. Smith Funeral Services is committed to creating memorable, uplifting experiences that always exceed expectations. For more information, please visit www.ewsmithfs.com.


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